Holding on to Fall

Hold on to your hats folks because it has been a blustery start to November in Boston! Luckily, my sister, Emily, came to visit last weekend when it was not cold enough to need gloves or snow boots. We took full advantage of our fall weekend with trips to the dog park with Charlie, an afternoon of beer flights at Harpoon Brewery, and some good eatin’ at Sportello in downtown Boston.

We also nerded out in true Welker fashion with a visit to Harvard’s Natural History Museum. We checked out their mineral hall, their extensive collection of glass flowers, and lots and lots of bugs. I walked around most of the time in the mineral hall asking Emily things like “What’s the difference between Sulfur and a Sulfide?” which we really needed my dad to answer (such is the life of being the daughters of a chemistry professor). The museum is completely fantastic and as I’ve said before, I would recommend it for a good morning indoors if you live in Cambridge.

Emily is an awesome guest because she also knows how to have fun by laying low. We walked around the corner to Savenor’s for some lamb and made a tasty shepard’s pie for dinner one night. We also teamed up to try to stop the spread of pretend epidemics through multiple late-night rounds of the board game Pandemic.

I’m glad Emily escaped Boston before the cold weather hit and even more glad she came to visit.

After Emily’s visit, it was time to get ready for our Halloween preparations. I went “all out” with a carved cat pumpkin and a bowl of m&m’s and KitKats. We had an Allin household record of **one** trick-or-treater – a super cute, five-year-old version of Bumble Bee the Transformer, complete with transforming moves to show us.

I met another sensational 5-year-old this week when John Kim, a fellow student in my master’s program, invited us for dinner at his apartment. John’s youngest son had me counting Halloween candy, playing video games and chatting about nerf guns from the second I walked in the door. John and his wife, both from South Korea, fixed a full spread for us and several other students. The meal was topped off with soju that he brought to share with friends here in Cambridge.

Last but not least, it has been a semester of writing for me at the Kennedy School. I’ve been busy editing articles and selecting associate editors as the editor-in-chief of the Kennedy School Review, a student-runScreenshot 2014-11-02 20.48.04 policy journal here at HKS. Occasionally, I get to do some fun writing of my own, and I did a little piece on one of our favorite restaurants, Kirkland Tap & Trotter, for the school’s newspaper. You can read it here if you’d like!

Until Next Time,