Mississippi Madness

IMG_4703It has been a week full of attention on Mississippi. With two big wins for Mississippi State (the Allin favorite) v. Texas A&M and Auburn,  and Ole Miss beating Bama, both have cracked the top 5 in the national football rankings. College Gameday took over Oxford last Saturday and Starkville this Saturday. And while it is lonely being a State fan up in Boston, we haven’t missed watching a game, even if we have to watch in the half empty Thirsty Scholar.

We’ve loved watching both teams succeed, but it has been a big Mississippi week in the Allin household for another important reason. This week, the Gleitsman and Zuckerman fellows through Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership decided we would travel to Jackson, Mississippi for a week in January. Tom played a huge role in helping collect the perspectives of Jacksonians for the presentation to the fellows – asking  friends back home to make a 5-second video of “Why the fellows should come to Jackson.”

The 3-minute video he created from their voices made for a terrific bookend to the pitch to the fellows. It also made me feel like many of the people who made our lives so full in Jackson were there in the room with me when I spoke to the fellows. Having fellows share their support of heading south was a really amazing experience, one I won’t forget for a very long time.

So between the football success and the future trek  to Jackson, it has been a great week for Mississippi here in Boston. Here are a few shots from the video and presentation made to the fellows:

We also had a visit from one of our most treasured temporary Jacksonians, Amarillys Rodriguez. Amarillys worked with me at the Mississippi Economic Policy Center for five months when she was placed there by the Congressional Hunger Center. Amarillys got to IMG_4697attend both my column writing and urban policy classes and had a scrumptious dinner with us at Cambridge One. This was one of her many stops looking at different masters programs as she thinks about the next steps in her professional career. We loved seeing her and hearing about he thoughts for the future.

Finally, the Kennedy School Review, whereIMG_4592 I’m a team member, is in full recruitment phase. Friday was the deadline for applications for Associate Editors, and November 10th is our deadline for pitches to 2015 print journal. We are really excited to meet all the applicants and put together our full team for the year.

It’s been a good one. Hopefully next week will be too.


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