Apples and Fluff

Fall is creeping in up in Massachusetts. School has started. The boots have come out of the closet. And our apartment’s heat has been tested.  This weekend we grasped what might be the last 80-degree days until May of 2015.

People in the Boston area love to talk about “leaf peeping” and apply picking, but a lesser topic of pride and conversation is marshmellow fluff. Marshmellow fluff is essentially a marshmellow creme, and it seems to be best known for being spread with peanut butter on bread to make a Fluffernutter. What does this have to do with our fall weekend? Well, apparently marshmellow fluff was invented in Somerville’s Union Square, a five minute walk from our home. “A confectionary shop owner named Archibald IMG_4615Query, who made the original recipe in his kitchen, and then sold it door-to-door to customers, was the first to whip it up in 1917,” reports Boston Magazine.

To celebrate, Somerville’s Union Square has a Fluff Festival each year in honor of fluff. Since Charlie the Poodle is the closest thing to fluff that I own, we decided to check out the Fluff Festival together.

We met up with our two favorite neighborhood friends, Matt and Kim, to check out events like fluff jousting, try different restaurants’ takes on the Fluffernutter sandwich, and meet the Fluff King. Charlie was a hit, but he was not impressed by the Fluffernutter sandwich I inappropriately offered him and was absolutely terrified of the Fluff King. Matt and Kim were fantastic sports putting up with our slow walking and my need to have a photo with Charlie and the Fluff King.

After a true Somerville Saturday, I joined Will, Reetu, and Brooke for another activity New Englanders claim as their own (but that really people everywhere in the US do) – apple picking. We had free reign of rows of apple trees – McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Gravenstein, Macoun, Red Delicious – to name a few. Just in case there was any question, apples off the tree are much better than apples from the grocery store (I think Will ate ten).

We left with half a bushel of apples (read too many apples), cider donuts, and pumpkins. So far I’ve made an apple crisp, and apple butter is up next for one evening this week (I have to figure out how to can things first).

What a wonderful weekend. I hope there are many more this fall, and we’re grateful for the friends that shared it with us.

Stay tuned. Tomorrow is Charlie the Poodle’s 2nd birthday (!), so you know there will be pictures.

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