#allin for the World Cup

My heart is still a little heavy from Portugal’s last second goal for a tie vs the US last night. However, that said, I could not be more proud of the quality of play from our team. It was a fantastic game to watch…one that had Tom and I jumping off the couch and screaming loud enough for people to hear us down the street through open windows. My heart is only heavy because I felt like we really deserved, and had an opportunity to, win.

Tom and Nick on the edge of their seats during US v Portugal.

Tom and Nick on the edge of their seats during US v Portugal.

But fear not! Nate Silver and his fivethirtyeight.com blog give us a 75.8% chance of advancing out of the group stage. Here are all the potential scenarios for how the US can advance. I’m already ready for Thursday…

Our World Cup Hashtag

It goes without saying that Tom and I are excited about Adidas’ chosen hashtag for the World Cup. “#allin or nothing” is about as close to perfection as you can get for us. Their “Wake Up Call” ad brings some goosebumps and a chance to feel the excitement of soccer and the once-every-4-year spirit of the World Cup that can seep into your heart…especially since it features Argentina’s Messi, and I keep replaying his stoppage time goal v Iran from this weekend.

Screenshot 2014-06-22 08.58.34

Showing my advertizing ignorance, I was particularly proud that I was “clever” enough to come up with the “allin”concept before adidas. All the way back in 2013, allinwithsarah.com was born. However, my ego was quickly deflated when I realized adidas launched their “all in” ads in 2011 and have been showing ads under the tagline for many years (time for a cable subscription). So while I’m not as innovative as I thought, at least our friends are thinking of us as “#allin” flashes across their tv screens and minds.

IMG_3383We’ve had a ball (ha) watching the World Cup this year. Last Monday, we saw the US slip passed Ghana with our favorite bar tenders at the Kirkland Tap and Trotter. We had hot dogs and beer to form our American spirit as we watched. They now do a different hot dog every Monday on a pretzel bun, and I’m not willing to say how many different options I’ve already tried. The photo from their Facebook page shows you how awesome they are.Screenshot 2014-06-22 09.42.35

If soccer itself is not your sport, at least there are some fantastic post-goal celebrations you can get on board with… Colombia and Ghana have both made headlines with their full team dances.. a trend I wouldn’t be sad to see more NFL and NBA teams emulate.

Regardless of the fitting hashtag associated with the World Cup, it has been a welcomed addition to our already full summer. We are ready for more weeks of wins and witch doctors but, unfortunately, not Wayne.

I’ll close with a piece of memorabilia from my sister – Emily’s – days of soccer stardom. Enjoy this gem and get ready for Thursday at noon.

Until Next Time.

Screenshot 2014-06-22 10.01.23







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