Dancing Into Spring

It has been a magical few days in Boston. I completed the first year of my Masters program. Temperatures rose above 70 for the first time since November 2013. And two adorable humans came from Jackson, MS to visit. After a long first winter, all three of these things were badly needed in the Allin household.



Even before this week, Tom insisted we start off our spring with Southern style in the best way he knew how – serving up mint juleps at a Kentucky Derby party. Thanks to some fantastic recipe sharing, I headed to the grocery store with a list full of things that normally don’t hold shelf space in our kitchen – mayonnaise, bacon, cheese, more cheese, whipped cream, yellow mustard, and more cheese.

We loaded our dining room table with deviled eggs, Kentucky hot browns, Bourbon balls, pimento cheese, ham biscuits and banana pudding. We had all the mixins for a great afternoon and 120 seconds of horse racing. (My favorite quote of the day from a German Gem was “That’s it?”). Any average Kentucky Derby “fan” knows that the race is more about an excuse to get together than being a knowledgeable viewer. We loved hosting HKS students in our home, and I think Tom decided it will become a Allin-Boston tradition during the years we are transplanted up North.


In case there was any debate, earning a Masters degree is definitely no walk in the park. But after a year full of cramming more knowledge than I thought humanly capable into my noggin, there was cause for celebration – and dancing in the streets.

Rachel and Chris Myers – Jackson celebrities – came in just in time to help us celebrate. Since Rachel is on her way to becoming an exceptional crafter of museum exhibits and welcoming museum environments, we  wandered to the Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum to see it’s collection of art and architecture. Not only is it worth the trek from Cambridge, but Harvard students get in free with an ID. We also got to explore the Emerald Necklace and the oldest collection of Victory Gardens in the US nearby the museum.

We also did lots of good eatin’ with the Myers duo. Macaroni and cheese at Trinas Starlite Lounge, cocktails at Drink and Park, and salmon head and mussels at KT&T.

IMG_3042We love having adventurous spirits in town as an excuse to try new things and visit the restaurants we love, and Chris and Rachel absolutely generate group enthusiasm for new experiences and good food. We treasured the few days we got to spend with them, ate too much and laughed just enough. We can’t wait to get them back to Boston for another visit and can’t wait for the other southern visitors that head our way this May.

It’s gonna be a great summer.

Until Next Time!