The Harvard Crimson visits the Brown Bear

Since this week marks the beginning of the NCAA basketball tournament, I thought it was only appropriate to start the post about our trip to Providence, Rhode Island with a mascot reference. Until about 24 hours ago, I could not have told you what Harvard’s mascot is, but now because of Tom’s taunting I won’t forget it. But in my defense it seems to me that the “Crimson” doesn’t really count as a mascot? The only background I could find on “the Crimson” was on the University’s history page. It was voted as the school’s official color in 1875. I kept waiting to find that Crimson was associated with an object like Alabama’s Crimson Tide or Tulane’s Green Wave. Even Yale has a mascot with a name – Handsome Dan the bulldog.

Now on to more important matters…our trip to Providence!

Brown  University was our first stop in a day full of knowledge gathering about Providence – only a 1-hour drive from Boston. Naturally, one of our first questions to Nick and Becca during our guided tour at Brown was about the school’s mascot – the brown bear. Clever.

Becca proved to be a very enthusiastic tour guide. Tour stops included of the Quiet Quad, the library, the Absolute Quiet Room (see photo evidence), dorms, the student center, the cafeteria, and the list goes on. Nick attempts to add in information to the tour were promptly shushed because he revealed critical information at too early a stop. We also got to see Brown’s new gym which I would bet is nicer than the President’s office at some colleges.

Even on a chilly day, Brown’s campus was accessible and buzzing with students, and the relatively small size of the campus made it great for our morning tour.

Then came lunch at Meeting Street Cafe and the incredibly large cookie. After my tomato soup and curry chicken salad sandwich, I was re-energized and ready for more. Little did I know that the excessive size of our cookie would be matched by the excessive number of doorbells on Nick’s former apartment. I think I count nine, but you may want to check my math.

We spent a couple of afternoon hours at the Rhode Island School of Design Museum (RSDI) which is free and open to the public. Just a short walk separates Brown and RSDI’s campuses, and students can enroll in courses at either institution without additional charges (I was paying attention to the tour, Becca).  The museum has a substantial permanent collection and several rotating exhibits. One floor also showcases the work of current RSDI students.

The day in Providence wrapped up with a couple of beers at Wickenden Pub and our first, but not last, visit to The Red Stripe. The Pub’s list of Top Ten Reasons You Will Not Feel Like You Belong at Wickenden Pub included #9. “You think you are God’s gift” to anything and #1. “Don’t enjoy a good pint in a fun place with friendly people.” Luckily I married a man who met the criteria for feeling like he belonged. We celebrated a long day by competing to solve riddles on the back of coasters because the four of us can never resist the urge to compete and prove our superiority at things that are usually meaningless to normal people – riddles, building cities out of ore and wheat, or shipping indigo to the motherland.

Red Stripe provided us with a fantastic meal of steak frites, clams, mussels and pasta. It also gave us a perfect end to a day celebrating where two of our dear friends met one another and spent four years of their lives.

Until Next Time!


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