My Current Obsession: Braids

I know it is a bit strange to go from posts on Los Angeles and technological change to hair braiding, but welcome to the brain of the 27-year-old woman/student that I am.

I haven’t always had long hair. But now that I do, and I live in the unending, hair torturing Boston winter, I have become fascinated with all the ways you can twist, braid and pin hair. This is in part because of how easy it is to find great tutorials online.

My hair obsession started with the blog Uber Chic for Cheap. This precious young mom, 12225545223_b8d60f05a0_bMadeline, posts great shopping deals and occasional hair tutorials that are easy for her to try in the few free moments of her day. Searching ‘hair’ on her blog brings up the tons of ideas…though my favorite is the Simple Gibson Tuck. I use the twist she illustrates in the video to start all kinds of braided hairstyles now. I use it so much that a friend, Mindy Waldrop, now calls it the ‘”Sarah Allin side braid”. I use it multiple times a week to get my wavy hair off my face, so I can worry about understanding tax and transfer policies (yeah…) instead of worrying how my hair looks.

I wore this fishtail chignon from Madeline’s blog to our friend’s Matt and Kaila’s wedding, and it was great for getting my hair securely pinned out of my face in an elegant way, so we could dance the night away. She also has a great braided bang tutorial for the shorter hair doers out there.

While Madeline’s blog continues to be an inspiration for all things hair, I’ve also found some beautiful tutorials that arent’ too complicated that anyone could try. Many of them come from a wonderful post of 30 Beautiful Braid Tutorials on the Artzy Creations blog. I am most fired up to try the french braided ponytail tutorial…and I can already tell it is going to take more than one try to get it since I won’t be able to see what I’m doing very well. However, I imagine it will stay together pretty well during the blizzard-filled walk to campus and back which ranks it high on my list.

If all the twists and braids seem overwhelming, you could definitely start with this Unicorn Braid Bun (2 points for intriguing name of a hair style). It just has a normal ponytail and two twisted pieces to make up a bun instead of one. You can do it.

Sometimes you also just need to sport a big, long braid for a day filled of grilling out, 4-wheeling and fun.

Finally, I can imagine you would read this post and think one of three things:

  1. I’m not good at doing hair, so there is no way I could do these ideas;
  2. My hair is too short!
  3. I’m a dude, and I can’t believe I read far enough to get to this list.

Now, if #3 if your problem, here is a great article on hockey that you might enjoy more. With the exception of adorable pixie cuts like my friends Morgan and Rachel have, I won’t take #2 for an excuse either – there are lots of fun tutorials out there for shorter hair. Find them! And post them in the comments section here for others. Finally, if #1 is your hiccup, think about how much time you spend blow drying or straightening your hair every day, or how much time you just spent reading this blog. You could have been practicing some braids and twists all of your own.

So check out these 30 braids and get crackin’.

Until next time,


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