Capturing the Holiday Spirit

Thanksgiving in the Allin household was a great triumph and success. The turkey came out brown and juicy. The sweet potato casserole had just the right amount of dark rum. Tom’s dressing/stuffing had enough butter in it for a small army, and the spinach madeline had just the right amount of spice.

We roasted a 12 pound Trader Joe’s turkey stuffed with lemons, carrots, celery, and onions for 3 long hours. Figuring out where are the giblets were inside of the turkey and how to stuff it was definitely an adventure. My mom couldn’t help but laugh at my descriptions of trying to stuff it over the phone, and told me it was more polite to call the holes ‘cavities’ instead of what I was identifying them as… The end product was a good, quiet meal in Cambridge topped off with an exceptional Egg Bowl victory that left a smile glued on Tom’s face for 24 hours.

Since our weekend of Thanksgiving eating was coming to a close, I also nagged Tom until he would go with me to the Christmas tree lot. Tom picked out an adorably short, gap filled tree for our living room. He noted that his mom’s strong feelings about not leaving any Christmas trees without a home regardless of what they look like led him to pick the underdog tree. We are very happy with our finished product even though Charlie keeps trying to steal the stuffed monkey ornament off the side of it. We are all ready for admiring the tree while drinking lots of cups of cider on the couch.

To walk off all our Thanksgiving eating, Charlie the Poodle, Tom and I took a BIG walk all around Cambridge and Boston this morning. The shots below give you a sense of the beautiful city we live in, and Charlie’s strong curiosity about ducks.

Happy Holidays to each of you!

Until Next Time!

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