Adventures in New Hampshire and Prepping for Thanksgiving

Today, Tom and I have been prepping for the first Thanksgiving when we will not have a real adult in charge of making the turkey (no, we still don’t count). So far we have pecan pie, Welker sweet potato casserole, River Road spinach madeline and stuffing…Tom: “no dressing”… Me: “stuffing”… Tom: “no dressing”… Me: Okay, okay….(but really…stuffing, duh). We will give a post-Thanksgiving day update complete with Tom’s reactions during tomorrow’s Egg Bowl.

In the mean time, we have some seriously fun adventures to report! We got to travel to Hampton, New Hampshire with our Boston loves Nick and Becca last weekend. Little did I know that New Hampshire only has about 18 miles of coastline. No, seriously, look. We spent the weekend in the currently frigid but entirely charming town of Hampton, NH. Not to be confused with THE Hamptons which I may or may not have originally conflated when we first moved to the Northeast. We played board games, took a long walk on the beach, ate fantastically overloaded bagels and survived poodle car drool.

HKS has been full of group project preparations as we get close to our last week of class. And thanks to a friend and classmate – Tommy Tobin – The Citizen, our school paper did an article on me (and Tom and Charlie) and our time at HKS, before HKS, and after HKS! Here is a little screen shot, but you can read it here if you’d like!

Screenshot 2013-11-27 22.42.08

Finally, three very important people celebrate their birthdays this week – my mom, my grandpa and our nephew, Maury. We are sending big hugs and kisses to each of them and wish we were there to celebrate.

Until next time!


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