From Franklin to the World Series

Whew! Have we had a full week. We have bounced from western North Carolina and back, played 3D dodgeball, and seen our very first World Series game in the flesh.

We traveled to Franklin, NC last weekend to see Matt Garza & Kaila Ramsey – two close UNC friends – become the Ramsey-Garzas. Franklin is a town of 3,800 people very close to western-most tip of NC. It takes about 5 hours to drive from Winston-Salem (in the middle of the state) to Franklin, and it probably makes the list of top 10 hardest places to get to in the U.S. However, to get there you drive through the Appalachian Mountains, and now is the prime time for –as Bostonians like to say– high quality leaf peeping. Lots of pieces of Franklin presented themselves in Matt & Kaila’s wedding from the barn their marriage ceremony and reception were in, to the quilt her mom made to serve as their guestbook, and the moonshine that Tom got to sip at the reception. Their signature cocktails included an Autumn Garza and Ramsey Fiz – both of which facilitated dancing well into the night.

My favorite part of going to a wedding with Tom is seeing him deliver an exceptional toast. Tom’s toast for Matt and Kaila walked through the 3 reasons why he felt Matt deserved the Nobel Prize in Economics over the ‘thieves’ awarded every year. Matt’s brother also toasted with the 3 chapters of Matt’s life. Among his advice for Matt and Kaila about marriage:

  • Remember to lie sometimes.
  • Don’t go to bed without making your closing arguments.
  • Don’t set your expectations for chores too high.*
  • Her happiness is simply more important than his happiness.

* Chris’ wife strongly disagrees with this one.

It was a really wonderful weekend to celebrate Matt and Kaila, reconnect with UNC friends and dance like college kids with animal masks. Franklin definitely gets a two thumbs up from the Allins.

In addition to a great weekend in Franklin, Tom and I had the UNREAL offer to join some other HKS students/alumni/staff at game 6 of the World Series between the Sox and the Cardinals. Talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity. The city is still celebrating from the Red Sox win, and it will be a long time before I forget the game or the man behind me shouting ‘What’d I tell ya!’ after every good thing the Red Sox did as if he had predicted it each time.

Last weekend we missed out on taking Charlie to the dog park because we were out of town, but this weekend we are back in full swing. There were some real dog gems at Nunziato this morning… particularly the a keeshond puppy that Tom now adores.

Until Next Time!


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