Cookies and Ice Cream and Dal, Oh My!

This weekend was full of good food and good friends. As a Kennedy School Student, every weekend starts Friday at 4pm when kegs of beer and tables of snacks are rolled out in our courtyard for Quorum Call. We munch on popcorn or goldfish, enjoy a beer (or two) and sit at umbrella covered tables in the courtyard. It is a great way to unwind from a problem set and catch up with the other awesome students at HKS in a more laid back atmosphere than class.

After Quorum Call, Tom and I headed to the South End of Boston to see our dear Delta friends Nick and Becca. We were introduced to box hockey — a game I thoroughly enjoyed because I can certainly beat Tom at least 50% of the time. I can already tell there will be many nights of box hockey in their apartment as the days get colder. Tom headed to the Red Sox/Blue Jays game with Nick, but I definitely got the better end of the Friday night plans thanks to Becca. First, I got a full scale view of downtown Boston from Top of the Hub in the Prudential Building (see photo). More importantly, we also ordered a plate FULL of warm, soft cookies and a glass of red wine. Who doesn’t love a ginger cookie on the top of a sky scraper to top off their Friday night?

Mick Power, a fellow HKS student and perhaps my new favorite Aussie, had us  over for some scumptous homemade indian food on Saturday night. He had his guests flipping naan in pans and making cocktails. He provided us with a great meal full of dal, rice, cashews, and curry. It was lovely, and so is Mick who you can see sporting a plate full of goodness. We also had some food creations of our own as we pulled out the wedding gifts and successfully made pumpkin pie ice cream. Nick came for dinner and can vouch for the high quality ice cream outcome. He was also a good sport and let me take his photograph before he dug in to the final product.

No weekend is complete without some good shots from the Nunziato Dog Park.  There were some great dog personalities romping around on Saturday. Enjoy. And as a final note, this week marks the birthday of one of our dearest friends, Rachel Myers. We hope her week is full of dancing, singing and good friends, and we wish we were there to celebrate with her.

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Until next time!


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