A Boston Weekend: Drink, Dachshunds, and Defeat

This weekend brought some adventures: a dachshund chasing Charlie, our first Red Sox game, and our first (but not last) trip to Drink.

All credit goes to Tom for finding Drink. It was cocktail heaven for two Jacksonians missing our Fridays at the Parlor Market bar. Drink is known for being a cocktail bar “without” a menu. Cocktail drinkers enter with ingredients and other descriptors (grapefruit and bubbly!) for their desired beverage, and a very knowledgeable bartender undergoes the art of drink construction.

Having walked from Somerville to Boston, I was ready for “some gin and something refreshing.” What I got was an Aviation which was spot on and a great cocktail love from my Fridays at PM. Well done. Tom’s request involved Old Overholt Rye, and the result can be found below… I’m not sure which part to call my favorite – our fantastic bartender or the fact she used a saw and chisel to break her gigantic block of ice into individual cubes (also below). Either way we plan on returning and bringing lots of guests over the next few years.

To make a great weekend a superb one, we also had tickets to the Red Sox, Yankees game on Sunday. After making the mistake of not knowing what the Green Monster was when a fellow student asked me earlier in the week, I was glad to acquire this critical piece of Boston knowledge in person. We ate hot dogs, booed Rodriquez and saw the Yankees put in 7 pitchers (really?). Red Sox won 9-2. I don’t think an introduction to Red Sox fandom gets much better than that.

And finally… for all you Charlie the Poodle lovers out there, Charlie got to run his heart out at the Nunziato Dog Park many times this week. The highlight came when a dachshund decided to go on the hunt against two standard poodles. Interestingly enough, the dachshund later escaped the dog park and proceeded to chase two pet rabbits around the larger park. No rabbits were permanently harmed in the incident.

IMG_0707Until next time!


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